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Bergslagens Destilleri Fat

Becoming a Cask owner of Bergslagens Destillery Whisky, is a great investment for those who enjoy or are interested in whisky. We release only a limited number of Casks each year to individuals, clubs and groups of whisky friends.

Why Casks from Bergslagens Distillery?

Our own Engelbrekt Whisky will be produced in the traditional way in copper pot stills which have been produced in Scotland. The pot stills shape is very important to ensure a very slow distillation process and prolonged contact to the copper in the boilers, this results in a much finer spirit.

The distillate from this slow process is then very fruity and full bodied which is very important to the taste we are after in the final product, to distill in this way is costly, but we think it is worth it.

Cask determines character

We store the distillate, in high quality casks ”for example, Oloroso”.    We have entered into cooperation with a Spanish bodega, where the finest sherry casks are produced. to ensure the highest quality. Apart from Oloroso we have a fine selection of sherry casks, such as Pedro Ximenez, Palo Cortado, Manzanilla and Amontillado. alongside imported Casks from Scotland and the USA.  Another feature is our  small casks size of 40 or 70 liters, to enable a faster maturation process than if we had chosen more traditional cask sizes.

Your benefits as a Cask owner

  • You will have the opportunity to be at the distillery to take part in your Cask filling.
  • You will receive our exclusive Cask ownership certificate
  • You will have a specially engraved  brass plaque on your Cask that signifies your purchase.
  • You will receive our exclusive Cask ownership jacket (One jacket per Cask). Extra jackets can be purchased in the event of multiple Cask owners..
  • You will received exclusive invitations to our official Cask ownership days. Where you can taste and experience how your whisky is evolving.
  • You will also receive exclusive offers from Bergslagens Distillery.

People with passion

Everyone working for Bergslagens Distillery has a deep knowledge and a solid interest in whisky but above all they have passion for whisky, both in the production and the quality of the final tasting experience.

Book your own Cask

We offer three different Cask types and two different Cask sizes, 40 liter and 70 liter, see table below.

For reservation of Casks Single person or Single person representing a sharing group for the purchase of a Cask or Casks.

Bottling, Bottles and labels are included in the price. For the product to be called whisky, bottling may be made only after three years. Your future whisky must be insured, and  you must rent the Cask for us, we charge a fee of SEK 1500 for the first three years and SEK 500 for each year thereafter.

Where do you get your finished whisky?    You can take out your bottles at Systembolaget in Sweden, or a liquor store recommended by us in Denmark.

Cask type SEK per cask Bottles Bottle sizes Vol % SEK per bottle
 Bourbon 40 l 12.160 64 50 cl ca 54 190
 Bourbon 70 l 19.040 112 50 cl ca 54 170
 Oloroso Sherry 40 l 18.560 64 50 cl ca 54 290
 Oloroso Sherry 70 l 30.240 112 50 cl ca 54 270
 Virgin American Oak 40 l 24.960 64 50 cl ca 54 390
 Virgin American Oak 70 l 41.440 112 50 cl ca 54 370
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Once we receive your application we will send you a contract and an invoice to be paid within 30 days. When it is paid you get an exclusive property titles.

Total price per bottle, when the whisky is ready (SEK)

40 liters 40 liters 70 liters 70 liters
Bourbon Cask Denmark Sweden Denmark Sweden
Price per bottle 190 190 170 170
Alcohol Tax 56 140 56 140
Sales Tax 74 95 69 90
Delivery Cost/Sur 50 50 50 50
Total price 370 475 345 450
Oloroso Sherry Cask Danmark Sweden Danmark Sweden
Price per bottle 290 290 270 270
Alcohol Tax 56 140 56 140
Sales Tax 99 123 95 118
Delivery Cost/Sur 50 60 50 60
Total price 495 613 470 588
Virgin American Oak Cask Danmark Sweden Danmark Sweden
Price per Bottle 390 390 370 370
Alcohol Tax 56 140 56 140
Sales Tax 124 150 119 145
Delivery Cost/Sur 50 70 50 70
Total price 620 750 595 725